Youth, suicide and why connections are not relationships

The June 24 episode of Before You Kill Yourself: A Suicide Prevention Podcast features a conversation between host Leo Flowers and myself about the youth and experience and suicide.

Listen to my appearance on the Before You Killi Yourself podcast here!

The significance of suicidality in sci-fi movies

Summer Brooks, the host of Slice of Sci-fi: This Is How We Geek Out Podcast, guides me in discussing the significance of suicide in iconic science fiction movies such as Soylent Green (1973), Star Wars: A New Hope (1977) and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982).

Listen to my appearance on the Slice of Sci-fi podcast here!

The importance of youth and suicide in American cinema

Hosted by Bethan Michael-Fox and Renske Visser, the May 1 episode of The Death Studies Podcast opens with a 3-minute promo of my book–I discuss not only the importance of analyzing youth and suicide in film, but of offering young audiences tools to question the media. This episode then goes on to talk about transnational dying with Yasmin Gunaratnam.

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Listen to my book promo on The Death Studies podcast here!

Suicide & Archie’s Final Project

In this episode of Steven Jay Rubin’s Saturday Night at the Movies podcast, I discuss the portrayal of suicide in several youth films across the decades–from It’s a Wonderful Life to Rebel without a Cause; from The Slender Thread to Heathers–along with David Lee Miller, director of Archie’s Final Project.

Listen to my appearance on the Steven Jay Rubin’s Staturday Night at the Movies podcast here!