The complexities of the documentary The Bridge as heterotopia

I use the concept of heterotopia as conceptualized by Michael Foucault to make sense of the highly complex and controversial documentary The Bridge (Steel, 2006).

Para/texts for the movie Archie’s Final Project: navigating stigma and profit imperatives to discuss suicide and human connections

The independent film Archie’s Final Project (2009) offers an authentic look at the youth experience, in part because it is made by young people. Given the high suicide rates among youth in the United States and the role that media can play in educating the public about it, this article examines how the content of this film, as well as various iterations of posters and titles, navigated the lingering stigma attached to suicidality.

Open conversation

Letter to the Philadelphia Inquirer editor about the importance of addressing young suicide deaths as such:

By not addressing suicide deaths, we end up robbing our students of the chance to grieve together, to make sense of what, for most of us, is unthinkable, yet suddenly very real. With that silence, we are also perpetuating the stigma that makes suicidality so much more difficult to deal with. We are making it harder for students to reach out for help. By not addressing the suffering of the suicidal student, we end up ignoring them and the immensity of their pain. We owe it to our young, whose well-being and education we’re all committed to, to gently give them a straight answer. Life is hard. Suicide is not the solution.

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